Disclaimer – Legal framework

Our activity, consisting of providing independent financial research reports, is regulated by the French financial markets authority (AMF). ALEZOR Research  is not identified as a provider of investment services. Instead, ALEZOR Research is a provider of independent research.

  • ALEZOR Research ensures the absence of conflicts of interest, in particular, ALEZOR Research and the authors do not have directly or indirectly any significant financial interest in the subject companies and they do not receive any funding or remuneration from the subject company or any other related company.
  • The authors or ALEZOR Research are not, directly or indirectly, trading any securities of the subject companies or any other related company.
  • The research reports are kept for a period of 5 years.
  • ALEZOR Research applies a code of ethics.

Code of ethics

  • Client’s interests come first, and any information relative to former, current and prospective clients is confidential except when the information is required by the law.
  • The research reports are elaborated in an independent manner with a particular emphasis on objectivity when conducting the research process.
  • The author diligently researches any information deemed significant for the purpose of completing the research report.
  • No material non-public information is used.